A Big Thank You To Ringway

A Big Thank You To Ringway

Volunteers from Ringway Milton Keynes assist Friends of Fenny Stratford

Volunteers from Ringway, Milton Keynes Council’s highways contractor, recently spent a day uncovering an area of overgrown pathway in Manor Fields, part of the Fenny Stratford Linear Park for Friends of Fenny Stratford.

Ringway were approached by Friends of Fenny Stratford to assist with the path as the section had become overgrown where it had never been maintained properly and was causing issues for those wanting to make the most of the area.

The pathway forms part of the Fenny Stratford Linear Park circular walk, which normally takes an hour to complete, and takes in the canal towpath, community orchard and the edge of Caldecotte Lake.

Martin Westley for Friends of Fenny Stratford, said: “We are pleased to thank the Ringway volunteers on behalf of residents of Fenny Stratford who use this section of the green waymarked walking route through the Fenny Stratford Linear Park for their assistance in re-establishing the full width of this section of pathway. We have volunteers who litter pick the route but this was physical labour and volunteers for such tasks are much harder to find! This is a great scheme to assist communities and deserves our praise.”

Suzanne Seaman, Ringway Business Manager, said: “It was great that we are able to assist Friends of Fenny Stratford with this project. As part of our corporate responsibility policy, we are committed to providing all Ringway employees two days each year that can be spent volunteering for charities or helping with local community projects.”

Oh When The Town

Fenny Stratford has a new football team, Buckingham Town, now based at Manor Fields, next to the Irish Centre and directly behind the Camponile Hotel. Pre-season friendlies are underway and I went along to the game against Newport Pagnell Town. The first thing to note is the great efforts that have been made to the ground that 12 months ago was a sad ghost of a ground. A new seated stand is along one full side of the pitch, floodlights and a refreshment bar almost complete. The seats are standard new stand fare (think away end at Northampton) and therefore luxury compared to Kenilworth Road but not soporific like they have in Bletchley. The entry price is adults £4.00 and concessions £2.00. I was let in for £2.00 that I am sure was because it was a friendly and not the advancing grey hair. I guess the attendance as between 90 and 120. Sitting in any football crowd is always entertaining and we had a variety of quips, ‘no foul ref you only whistled so you could catch up with play’, the reasons put forward for why one player warming up had one green sock and one white sock, handbags on the pitch shortly before half time, signs saying it is an all seater stadium and standing up can see you ejected when 2/3rds were stood along the barrier. Being alongside the Irish Centre the toilets are good and there is a bar (the reason I am unsure of the score). I saw three goals unfortunately none for our new home team. The Newport No.9 in the first half took what was the second goal well and for the home team No.7 and No.10 were noticed by me. Shortly into the second half the No.7 (Andy?) was brought down twice and both were clear professional fouls.

All in all an enjoyable experience that I will repeat when I can’t follow the Hatters. I hope they do well and get the support they deserve. For information on games see the Community Groups section of this website.

Bletchley Co-operative building refurbishments completed

Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council regeneration officer hopeful the town might finally have more retailers at the local high street in the old Co-op building. 

Potholes – Get Out Your Ruler!

When is a hole a pothole? The definition is on the MK Council website. Once the depth exceeds 40mm (on strategic and category 3a and 3b routes) or 50mm in depth (on category 4a and 4b routes) and 250mm in diameter, the inspector will deem the defect a pothole and will assign a category dependent on how deep the pothole is and what category of road the pothole is on.

This can range from a response within 2 hours, 24 hours or 28 days or to be included within a planned works programme.

To report a pothole go to http://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/streets-transport-and-parking/roads-highways-and-pavements/frequently-asked-questions-about-potholes or telephone 01908 252353.

Fancy Dress Shop

A new fancy dress shop has opened in Aylesbury Street in the building that used to be the Post Office. We wish them every success.

Fancy Dress Shop

Map of Fenny Stratford

Fenny Map