Linear Park Noticeboard

The poster showing our 'green route' walk around Fenny Stratford Linear Park is now on display in the new noticeboard by the canal on Watling Street. The leaflet with more information about the walk is available to download on this website and will soon be available to pick up from many local businesses.

Linear Park Noticeboard

Green Walking Route

The green walking route has now been way-marked from a start point of the new noticeboard on Watling Street at the canal entrance. A leaflet to cover the walk is available from the Council Offices in Queensway and from the Friends of Fenny Stratford stall at events through the summer. You can also download it from the walks page on this website.

Green Route Walk

Canal Noticeboard

Our new noticeboard now contains a map of Fenny Stratford which will be useful to visitors arriving from the canal. Some local business have chosen to take adverts around the map, and we are grateful for their support.

Canal Noticeboard

Community Asset Transfer

As part of the Localism Act, Milton Keynes Council seeks to put more control of local assets and services “into the hands of our local communities”.

The Town Council has registered an interest in some of the assets within our area as follows:

George Street Community Centre, Fenny Stratford:  We have submitted a stage 1 application which has the full support of the current management committee for this centre

Fenny Stratford Chapel:  A stage 1 application has been submitted for this property which has lain dormant for numerous years.

Duncombe Street Community House:  Our application for this asset has progressed to Stage 2 process

Bletchley Library:  We have submitted a Stage 1 application for this asset

Although BFSTC has submitted applications for the above assets there is no guarantee that we will be successful or ultimately manage these buildings.  At any stage, the Town Council may with draw its application or indeed MK Council may determine that BFSTC is not the most appropriate organisation for this asset.  We will respect the decision of Milton Keynes Council and ultimately will only take on an asset where we believe it is in the best interests of the community to do so.

There are clearly a number of things to be taken into account before an asset is transferred including financial and resourcing viability.  Before the Town Council takes over any of these assets full risk and viability assessments will be undertaken to consider the community worth, value and cost to the Town Council and importantly to the community.

Spring Update

Forthcoming Events – Major events on the horizon this year are Love Bletchley Day in May  held in Queensway, Bletchley followed by Midsummer Madness in Leon Recreation Ground and the Poppers Festival in Aylesbury Street. We will post more information on times etc. on this web-site when they are confirmed. These events all require manpower and that meens volunteers so if you would like to be involved then please make your self known. We are always pleased by the support shown to members manning the Friends of Fenny Stratford stall. We encourage membership so if you haven't joined please do so. We recognise that some of you will only rarely be able to be active participants.

Fenny Stratford Linear Park – Work continues to achieve a co-ordinated improvement to the park (from Caldecotte Lake in the North to Waterhall Park in the south). The park will include the green walking route, improved footpaths, new signage and access points. The Town Council has provided a new noticeboard on Watling Street at the canal entrance and this will shortly include maps of the Town and the Linear Park.

Green Walking Route – This route will cover the linear park and will shortly be way-marked. The leaflet to accompany this route will then be written and be made available alongside thealrady published blue route. Details can be found on the walks section of this web-site.

Red Walk – This will cover past industry and commerce in Fenny Stratford. This requires research so if you want to help write the text for the leaflet to accompany the walk then please make contact. We are looking for a short paragraph on points of interest.

The Community Plan – Much of what we do follows up the views put forward by residents in the consultation prior to publication of the community plan. This has now been published and can be read by following the link on the home page of this website. There is a hard copy at the Council Offices and a hard copy in the library.

Website – If you have any community information to help keep this site and our Facebook pages updated then please submit this so we can keep all updated on events and news.

The Mortuary Chapel – Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council have made an application to Milton Keynes Council to take over running this as part of the Community Asset Transfer programme. There is a meeting between them shortly to advance this and we will try to keep you updated.

Sycamore Avenue Noticeboard – If you have any community event you would like included please send us an email.

T Shirts – We are often asked, so remind all that if you would like one of our T shirts they are available at £10.00 each. You can send an email via this site of visit the stall at any event.

Thank you to all who are playing an active role. We actively seek out ideas from local residents and businesses. Where these ideas can be established as having substantive support we will seek to see them come to fruition either through activity by the group itself or by encouraging the existing frameworks of provision to operate.

If you would like to provide assistance to the group by becoming a volunteer or aiding funding then please do so. Volunteers can give vastly differing amounts of time. You may want to devote time to a particular project, help on our stall at community events, help with writing text for and updating this website and our Facebook pages or assist in raising funds. Whatever role you see for yourself we welcome your involvement.

Thank you if you can help in any way, large or small.

Map of Fenny Stratford

Fenny Map