A very big thank you to Bailey Roofing

Bailey Roofing

Bailey Roofing, a local family run business have repaired the roof of the mortuary chapel and replaced all the guttering and downpipes free of charge for the community. Their vans are a familiar sight on local roads and we are very thankful for their support of this community project.

The cemetery with two gothic style mortuary chapels, was opened in 1859 (others suggest 1864). The chapel under repair was Anglican and the second, situated adjacent and to the south was Non Conformist. The exact dates that the Non Conformist chapel went into disuse, and was subsequently removed, are unknown but it is thought this was around the time of the first world war. Both chapels are shown on the 1900 OS 6” map but the second chapel is not present on later editions.

The chapel has not been used for many years and, as a result, has fallen into disrepair. In 2016 Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council completed a successful application to Milton Keynes Council to take over the running of this chapel as part of the Community Asset Transfer programme. This application was on behalf of the community, as consultation had shown a desire to retain and restore the building for an as yet unspecified use. Restoring the building back to a 'living' and used building will be a community project and will proceed in stages, starting with making it safe, then usable, and finally a long term sustainable future can be established.

The Town Council will work with local groups. If you would like to assist or to donate a skill or trade (all trades needed) then please contact us via the contact us tab.

Map of Fenny Stratford

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