A Big Thank You To Ringway

A Big Thank You To Ringway

Volunteers from Ringway Milton Keynes assist Friends of Fenny Stratford

Volunteers from Ringway, Milton Keynes Council’s highways contractor, recently spent a day uncovering an area of overgrown pathway in Manor Fields, part of the Fenny Stratford Linear Park for Friends of Fenny Stratford.

Ringway were approached by Friends of Fenny Stratford to assist with the path as the section had become overgrown where it had never been maintained properly and was causing issues for those wanting to make the most of the area.

The pathway forms part of the Fenny Stratford Linear Park circular walk, which normally takes an hour to complete, and takes in the canal towpath, community orchard and the edge of Caldecotte Lake.

Martin Westley for Friends of Fenny Stratford, said: “We are pleased to thank the Ringway volunteers on behalf of residents of Fenny Stratford who use this section of the green waymarked walking route through the Fenny Stratford Linear Park for their assistance in re-establishing the full width of this section of pathway. We have volunteers who litter pick the route but this was physical labour and volunteers for such tasks are much harder to find! This is a great scheme to assist communities and deserves our praise.”

Suzanne Seaman, Ringway Business Manager, said: “It was great that we are able to assist Friends of Fenny Stratford with this project. As part of our corporate responsibility policy, we are committed to providing all Ringway employees two days each year that can be spent volunteering for charities or helping with local community projects.”

Map of Fenny Stratford

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